Za rad u poljoprivredi, ratarstvu i stočarstvu OPG-ovima i gospodarstvenicima osiguravamo pouzdane i motivirane strane radnike.

  • Workers in agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Drivers of almost all categories
  • Support staff

Strani radnici u poljoprivredi
Strani radnici u drvnoj industriji

Wood industry.

With our help and the help of our foreign partners, many processing and production plants of the wood industry have found reliable workers qualified for the tasks entrusted to them.

  • Workers at the sawmill

  • Workers in furniture production

  • Warehousemen and forklift operators

Construction and industry.

We primarily provide qualified workers for jobs in construction and industry through our reliable partners from Uzbekistan.

  • Reinforcement workers, facade workers, masons, roofers, waterproofers, painters, ceramicists, carpenters
  • Warehousemen and forklift operators

  • Operators of construction machinery and drivers of almost all categories

Strani radnici u građevini
Strani radnici u brodogradnji


We find welders and motivated shipbuilding workers qualified for the tasks entrusted to them.

  • Welders, locksmiths

  • Forklift operators and drivers

  • Operators of construction machinery


We are recruiting qualified workers for any position in tourism and catering.

  • Chefs, baristas and waiters
  • Maids, cleaners

  • Caregivers, support staff

Strani radnici u turizmu
Strani radnici


With the help of our reliable partners, we recruit workers in the food and processing industry and agriculture from all the countries with which we cooperate.

  • Workers in processing, production, food industry
  • Workers in the textile industry

  • Forklift operators, warehouse workers, delivery people

Just some of the companies that have entrusted us with their trust:

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Mediation in employment

  • We manage the entire process of hiring foreign workers
  • The process of bringing workers and accompanying administration is managed by the agency
  • It provides a wide range of candidates for a large number of activities and industries

  • It enables the employment of qualified and motivated personnel

Assignment of workers

  • Hire a foreign worker for a certain period
  • It provides flexibility and speed because workers already have residence and work permits
  • It enables a simple employment process without complicated administration
  • It provides a wide range of candidates for a large number of activities and industries

Employment administration

  • If you have already selected the ideal staff yourself, we provide you with support in the recruitment administration
  • The recruitment administration process is managed by the agency
  • Facilitates the employment of foreign workers
  • Experienced experts provide support in the entire process

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